Internal Power demystified. Old school Tai Chi Master "pulls back the curtain" on Internal Energy
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The 6 Key Ingredients to 
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  • A simple and clear explanation of Internal Power, taught BY a Westerner, FOR Westerners (2:56)
  • ​The no-brainer reasons you're going to want to RAPIDLY build Internal Power (4:14)
  • ​The 6 MUST HAVE Ingredients of a strong Foundation in Internal Power (10:56)
  • ​The complete list of Tai Chi Expressions you should know BEFORE you try to assess an in-person teacher (19:21)
  • ​The Super-fun game (yes, game!) that is the cornerstone of RAPID Internal Power (24:48)
  • ​The EXACT method Richard uses to give his personal students all 6 Ingredients in as little as 6 months (32:53)
  • The simple "extras" that will help you UNLOCK your natural Body-Mind-Energy connection (43:45)
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